(Insurance Company of Haiti, Inc)


CAH is Haiti's oldest Life Insurance Company.

CAH was incorporated in 1978 by an AIG Company, the American life Insurance Company (ALICO).

In 1993, CAH was sold to the Haytian holding GFD (Dynamic Financial Group).

CAH provides the following coverage:

  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Individual Medical
  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident

    Our Group Medical Insurance coverage is mainly a Major Medical Plan. CAH is one of Haiti's main Group Medical Insurance and extends coverage to nearly 200 groups in the Private, Public and Institutional sectors.

    Besides our direct coverage, CAH is currently the service provider for AIG's Group Medical Division (GMD) based out of new York. As such we service the medical coverage of such prestigious groups as AMERICAN AIRLINES, CITIBANK, DHL, ESSO, TEXACO, US GOVERNMENT etc ...


    Most of the CAH Groups which enjoy a Group Medical Insurance Coverage, are covered by a Group Term Life Insurance Coverage as well. Usually the insured capital extended each employee is a two year salary.

    Also offered at the subscriber's option is an Accidental Death Benefit paid to the beneficiaries in case of accidental death. Most of our insured groups do subscribe to that option.

  3. ASSURMEDIC, our HMO Plan

    CAH offers since 1997 ASSURMEDIC, an Insurance Plan based on the US based HMO (Health Management Organization) model. MULTIMED s.a., another company of our group provides the medical services through its outpatient clinics and its network of labs and pharmacies.


    CAH offers both Term and Wholelife individual insurance, as well as a special plan, the "Guarantee Protection" which is a package of Term Insurance and a Guaranteed Retirement Plan.

    Policies in our Individual Life Division are provided in either the US dollars currency or the Haytian Gourdes currency.


    CAH also provides Personal Accident indemnity coverage


    Compagnie D'Assurance D'Haiti's Property and Casualty portfolio is an outgrowth of the ARMAND GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY started in 1952 and which represented successively such prestigious Insurance companies such as HARTFORD INSURANCE COMPANY of CONNECTICUT, CNA (Continental National Assurance of Chicago) and AGF (Assurances Générales de France).

    In 1988, MULTI-ASSURANCES S.A. was formed and AGF transferred its local portfolio to the newly formed Company. On January 1, 2000, Multi-Assurances S.A. Merged with Compagnie D'Assurance D'Haiti. The company is fully computerized, and the Property and Casualty division provides the following coverages:

    • Fire and Allied Perils Insurance
    • Automobile Insurance
    • Marine Cargo Insurance
    • Liability Insurance


    Our conservative underwriting and our strong European reinsurers offer our insured the quality services and the guaranteed security they have been accustomed to from our general agencies and our company for one half of a century.

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